How To Start An Email List: The Ultimate Guide

Creating an email list may take some effort and time. This is a simple guide on how to start an email list from scratch.

Most of us have heard individuals say “the cash in the list.” What does this specifically mean?

Generally, this money is generated through online marketing, which is email marketing. It is the perfect and straightforward form for communicating with your consumers and offers more audience attention.

However, you need a dependable, effective, and beneficial platform, and many of us always have challenges with starting an email list from scratch. Without further ado, let me give you a simple guide to creating an email list from scratch.

Understand your audiences

Before creating an email list, ensure you understand the individuals you target.

You need a website

This is a place where your prospect list clients will gather. Some known landing pages have features such as headlines, images, and bullet points.

Example of a website

You require a compelling offer.

Anything you sell, offer, build, ask, or create will require a good reason to join your email list. Thus, the best offers are among the best resources.

You require an email marketing service.

Email marketing platforms will be necessary to communicate with your new email list. You can typically begin an inexpensive and straightforward platform with a service like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Aweber, ConvertKit & SendinBlue.

Sign up for your chosen email marketing provider and set it up. To efficiently sign up to email listing, follow the  steps;
Create forms for collecting emails and Create a handy email list
Save the email subscribers in that specific list
Manage your chosen email subscriber and Delete the emails from it

Send emails right to your subscribers

Create an autoresponder to send your campaigns mechanically, tag your specific email subscribers, structure a pipeline, create segments, funnel marketing, and drip.

Best Email Marketing Services

Give individuals incentives to sign up effectively.

You require a practical way to begin collecting emails on your website. However, before this, you should first entice individuals to sign up by giving them a reasonable reason to share their email addresses.

Among the effective and faster ways to capture people’s attention is creating a lead magnet that entices them, such as;

(a) A cheat sheet
(b) A free eBook
(c) PDF version of a case study or blog post
(d) An email series or free course
(e) A webinar registration
(f) A worksheet or template
(g) A coupon

Create an Autoresponder

The autoresponder is an email your subscribers will automatically receive once they subscribe. This is essential as your new audiences will be warmly welcomed immediately after they join your specific email list.

Further, it aids in automatically building an intimate relationship with your clients, which is vital for online business. You can choose to send anything into your autoresponder sequence, such as

(a) New updates regarding your business
(b) Blog post updates
(c) New product or tools you launch
(d) Affiliate product promotions

Get an authoritative list-building tool.

An attractive list-building tool is among the best platforms you must utilize when creating lead flows, option forms, and subscription forms to eventually display your website or blog.

The OptinMonster for CMS and Thrive leads for WordPress are potent tools allowing you to create many different opt-in forms, thus triggering them with improved targeting selections.

Below are some of the best places to eventually put your specific opt-in forms;
(a) Your footer
(b) Your homepage presented section
(c) You’re about page
(d) Below the content area
(e) Between your post

Create a high-converting traffic landing page.

When creating an email list from zero, using other related ways from the homepage is good. Besides, making one or two landing pages for your social media platforms works magic.

To create a high-converting and best landing page, consider the below key elements;
(a) A powerful image accompanying the message
(b) A solid headline to emphasize the paybacks which the user get
(c) Enticing copy to eventually capture customers’ attention
Essentially, there are many ways someone can promote their freebie, but below we have chosen the best ones:
(a) In Facebook groups
(b) Social media post
(c) In the blog post
(d) Social media bios
(e) Guest posts and other related websites

Manually reach out to your contacts.

This is another helpful idea when creating an email list. You can lack a few individuals in your contacts willing to sign up to your email list.

Therefore, consider emailing them that you have created an email list and explaining the benefits they would receive after signing up.

Further, please encourage them to share your new email with their friends.

Create content plan

Having a content plan is a significant key to consistency. In this case, consider brainstorming topics and look for the upcoming events you are targeting to promote.

Additionally, plan newsletters for the next two and three months. This will aid you in knowing about every update or event coming up or, preferably, the promotions in your specific email list.

Host a giveaway

Giveaways are another powerful approach most company stores leverage to acquire new and effective email subscribers. The giveaways tend to spread faster, and we can collect tons of email audiences quickly.

At this point, ensure that the prices you will give out are genuine and directly aimed at your target customers.


Now that you have created an email list test every email before sending it out. Consider reading it thoroughly and checking its links to ensure everything is detailed.

Further, test different choices to enhance your performance, for example;
(a) What subject lines are more effective?
(b) Which day in the week leads to super open rates?
(c) Should you utilize different names in the field?


Creating an email list may take effort and time, but it is worth it. Luckily, I have deep-researched and have developed practical and functional ways to start an email list successfully. However, with a supportive guide, the process will be helpful and straightforward, increasing your new and beneficial email list opportunities.

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