Hostarmada Vs. Bluehost: Which One Is The Best?

Selecting the best hosting service can be challenging without a supportive guide since you will come across many of them with different features.

Generally, once you decide to create a website, you need to own something reliable and comfortable hosting that will offer you beneficial and faster services at affordable prices.

In this case, HostArmada and Bluehost are dependable hosting communities that someone can utilize to build his/her first website successfully.

However, many of us don’t understand how these two hostings operate, their different features, prices, etc.
Luckily I have deeply researched and developed a comprehensive guide covering both hostings, including how they operate. Without more ado, accept me to take you through the basic features, availability, customer support, speed, and cost of both HostArmada vs Bluehost to understand which one to choose.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is among the much-used hosting services today. And the service was first established in 2003 and recently hosted more than two million websites worldwide.

Generally, this host offers its users many helpful features on every plan accessible on their specific website.

Further, the user can enjoy significant discounts on vital services on certain occasions, making it an outstanding selection as a premium hosting website.

This plan allows you to grow your business with their unmetered bandwidth, so you will have to worry about the Bluehost page traffic getting too big.

Besides, you will get their database size ranging from 5 GB and receive 20 databases.

Here is Bluehost Review

HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting

What is HostArmada?

Besides, HostArmada was launched back in 2019 as a stable, secure, and high-quality hosting web service. This website has hugely developed among massive brands as a dependable and beneficial supplier of high-quality services globally within a concise duration.

In essence, they offer many features to their users and other related services accessible. HostArmada utilizes cloud-based best hosting with websites spread crosswise servers.

And this makes it a secure service as resources and data are eventually stored in different locations.

 Additionally, it also enhances the webpage loading duration to ensure there is no pressure on every server.

The Comparison Between HostArmada vs Bluehost

Free Domain

Besides, these two hosting websites offer the clients a free domain name.

Conversely, Bluehost provides a free domain only for the first year of usage, while HostArmada offers it free forever.


With Bluehost, customers enjoy 50 GM of active storage, but you will be given a free plan if you upgrade to superior plans.

Conversely, the basic shared plan on HostArmada offers the users only 15 GB of storage space.

But, HostArmada also affords their users 160 GB and 50 GB for dedicated hosting plans and VPS.

Bluehost provides 500 GB and 30 GB of active storage space, respectively.

SSL certificates

Both hosting plans offer free SSL certificates


Every user can access nine data centers worldwide using HostArdmada to eventually keep the client’s speed and uptime of his/her server at maximum.

Besides, the primary data centers of the HostArmada hosting comprise London, Singapore, the United States, Texas, Mumbai, California, etc. These are continents any user can access from any location.

On the other side, Bluehost has larger data centers worldwide, too, and is a bit more helpful than hostAramada because it is a prominent web hosting company.

Further, Bluehost doesn’t require security in the data center since its team manages its services while its location is typically kept secret from the general public.

Websites transfer

Generally, the user can effectively transfer his/her domain or site on HostArmada for free. Besides, their hosting service will still renew the user’s domain depending on how much someone utilizes his hosting account.

While Bluehost will require the user to pay 149 dollars, this fee allows you only to transfer about five websites.


Both hostings provide free backups.

HostArmada offers up to seven auto-backups daily, while Bluehost offers one backup daily.

And this is to ensure that the customer’s backup is active and his/her is secure.


The Google page speed provides detailed information about the performances of both hosting services.

HostArmada gets a 100 percent score, while Bluehost receives a 98 percent score.

Speed and uptime

In a comprehensive report utilizing Google page speed and GTMatrix, we have deep-researched and come up with a clear answer: HostArmada got a 100 percent performance score.

However, someone can expect to typically get one to two-second page load haste on both hosting services from a different location you may wish to check.

Further, you can increase the specific page speed by going to other related premium plants or preferably utilize services such as Cloudflare to improve the website’s loading haste to their maximum.


Generally, HostArmada offers a beneficial and attractive price range that is perfect for budget users. This is also best for users who want a basic plan to begin a new website right on their internet.

Besides, HostArmada offers a 45-day refund which the clients can utilize if they don’t like their ongoing service after purchase to have their money back eventually.

Besides, HostArmada plans begin at 3.99 dollars monthly, while for a yearly subscription, someone can get a lower price by ordering it in bulk.

HostArmada - Affordable Cloud SSD Web Hosting

Additionally, HostArmada is giving a 70 percent discount recently accessible on their website.

Bluehost their price range from 4.99 dollars every month, which is relatively expensive according to many users, compared to HostArarmada in monthly and yearly packs.

Pros and cons of Bluehost

(a) Migrations are quicker with Bluehost                                 
(b) The user will get much storage even on basic plans
(c) Excellent uptime compared to HostAramada

(d) Discounts are accessible throughout the year
(e) Many unlimited selections are accessible for the primary users


(a) The backup selections are not much great
(b) Your site might slow down after some weeks
(c) Few individuals face issues related to security

Pros and cons of HostArmada


(a) Quicker loading speeds with many plans                                                                       

(b) All extensions, 9 Net, Org., NET, Com, etc., are accessible. 

(c) Accessible at a lower price compared to Bluehost

(d) Free domain with best hosting purchase for about a year

(e) Free SSL and Email certificate

(f) Intense uptime with exceptional light-speed caching


(a) The shared hosting plans might only get purchased yearly

(b) The customer may get increased rates right on time of the rental


HostArmada is far from Bluehost. Bluehost tends to boast over two million websites, and their outstanding performance over numerous years may have triggered this population.

Conversely, HostArmada has fewer users, meaning they offer excellent customer service, and their specific servers are jam-packed.

Therefore, your audiences will enjoy a faster loading rate right on your website.

Customer reviews

Consumer satisfaction helped us to get the correct answer when comparing the two plans. Many individuals have not yet reviewed Host Armada but have overwhelmingly given many positive reviews regarding their services.

However, Bluehost has been there for a long time, so you can expect to get many negative reviews.

Customer support

Overall, both hosting websites have creative and dedicated customer support to manage their customers via email, live chat, telephone calls, social media, and other related channels.

Further, their support has operated 24/7 right around the clock over the years to typically offer you the best experience while managing and making their websites.

However, most clients are more satisfied with HostArmada than with Bluehost customer support.

Which one is the best, Bluehost or HostArmada?

Generally, we can conclude that HostArmada is more beneficial, tremendous, and affordable than Bluehost. This is because Hostarmada has the fastest and best word press hosting plan in the hosting industry worldwide.

Further, it offers the clients benefits of dairy archives, account management, free SSL certificate, and other helpful features powerfully and affordably.

And once you begin using HostArmada, it typically becomes clear that they have an outstanding team with ample resources accessible to fulfill all of their customer needs and expectations eventually.


Comparing these two hosting plans to eventually choose the best can be difficult without a supportive guide, as discussed earlier.

Fortunately, we have made everything more accessible by providing detailed information, pros and cons of the widespread and much-used hosting.

Thus, if you are experiencing challenges selecting Bluehost vs. HostArmada, the above is a comprehensive guide that will help you fully understand the beneficial and dependable hosting and why to choose it.                                                                     Semrush Free Trial13053

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