Clickfunnels Review: Is It The Best Tool For Your Online Business?

Here is how to convert visitors into buyers by ClickFunnel.

To sell a product or service online, you must find a convenient way to convert visitors into buyers.

While many digital promoting tools exist, very few are aggregated to let you do all the necessary things to achieve success.

However, changing your site visitors into customers is not always easy. It requires strategic and savvy marketing tactics.

Fortunately, sales funnels like ClickFunnels can help you become much more profitable online.

It allows you to create a well-designed sales funnel to increase sales dramatically and offer more value to your customers.

ClickFunnels can be life-saving software for your online business. All you have to do is use the best templates and features that suit your business.

This text will provide ClickFunnel with an honest review and help you understand it.

What is a ClickFunnel?

ClickFunnels is a software that started in 2014 and is designed to revolutionize the online marketing industry.

Founded by Russel Brunson, ClickFunnels has flourished in the marketing world as a reliable platform for creating sales funnels.

This software allows you to quickly build effective sales funnels that convert your site visitors into leads and then customers.

Today’s marketing technology has become so complicated that most businesses rely on technology teams to help keep up with the competition.

Luckily, ClickFunnels makes things easier, allowing businesses and entrepreneurs to easily market and sell stuff online.

With ClickFunnels, you don’t have to hire or rely on a technology team to enhance your marketing and sales.

Besides being a funnel builder software, ClickFunnels has many valuable sales tools, integrations, and training programs.

It’s a targeted approach to help you find the people already coming to you and turn them into customers.

This software’s primary focus is to enable entrepreneurs to create sales, capture leads, turn leads to sales, and do other related things to get more deals.

ClickFunnels Features

Let’s explore the top ClickFunnels features that make the platform stand out.

1. Drag and Drop Builder

While creating pages in a funnel can be tricky, it won’t be a problem when using ClickFunnels software.

ClickFunnels Drag and Drop Builder is a feature that lets you design pages, making them look the way you want.

This platform provides various pre-built template pages for sales, checkout, and order pages.

You can choose whatever template suits your needs, then drag and drop features, including images and texts, to wherever you want.

The best thing about Drag and Drop Builder is that it saves time while letting you achieve an attractive landing page. You do not have to pay hours trying to design a single page.

You will love and appreciate this feature when running a marketing campaign.

2. Ability to Create Sales Funnels Without Coding Skills

Many online entrepreneurs fear digital marketing technology, especially without coding skills.

Thus, they end up paying lots of money to developers to help them out or otherwise miss opportunities.

Fortunately, ClickFunnels enables you to build sales funnels even if you are not competent in coding.

You will find various marketing funnel templates readily available on this software, and so you don’t need to have any prior coding expertise.

You must choose any marketing funnel template and twist it to match your needs.

This feature has made everything easier for many businesses and entrepreneurs who use ClickFunnels.

Nonetheless, if you are a coding expert, they recommend you the choice to design your pages and build your sales funnels from scratch.

3. Up-Sells and Down-Sells

Up-sells and Down-sells feature is one essential elements of your sales funnel.

It helps in converting visitors and potential customers into actual and active customers.

While getting potential clients and site visitors into your website is easy, turning them into your customers is where the challenge lies.

But with ClickFunnels doesn’t have to be a challenge as you can create a page that offers your customers a great deal.

The upsell feature involves offering your customer a deal (that comes as a discount) when they intend to buy a specific product or service.

In this case, the customer may accept or decline the offer.

If your customer rejects the proposal, the sales funnel can immediately direct them to a correlated service or product with a lesser-priced offer. This is now the Down-sell feature.

4. Share Your Sales Funnels with Others

Since you don’t have to build a sales funnel from scratch, users can share funnels on the platform.

This feature means you can use a funnel similar to a friend’s or share your funnels with them.

The significant advantage of this feature is that it saves time, especially for marketing businesses. It can also help you earn some commission.

5. A/B Testing

When using ClickFunnels, you can test two funnel templates to determine which performs better for your business.

Along with testing templates, you can use A/B testing to compare variants of your ads, media pages, landing pages, and other marketing campaign elements.

6. Integrated Analytics

Integrated analytics is vital for tracking sales data and understanding customers’ needs.

It also helps you know where most of your customers come from and which marketing strategy is best for your business.

Keep thinking that it may be difficult to keep up with all this data using other sales tracking tools.

Keeping tabs on your customers’ trends and needs can help you focus more on the hot leads and turn them into actual customers.

The main benefit of this feature is that it helps save on the money spent on advertising.

ClickFunnels How It Works?

Initially, you need a product or service you want to market and sell. If you don’t have a product, an idea, or a service to sell, ClickFunnels is not for you.

Anyone with a business startup idea can quickly build impressive landing pages with ClickFunnels and achieve conversions.

ClickFunnels works by enabling entrepreneurs and other business owners to create efficient pages without needing any coding or programming expertise.

ClickFunnels offers you all the tools and strategies you need on one convenient platform to grow your business.

How Much ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels is priced in two main plans and a free trial. The free trial runs for 14 days before you start paying.

The first plan is cheaper and costs $97 a month, but you don’t have access to some features.

With this plan, you are limited to only 20 sales funnels, and you can only send 20,000 visitors to all your sales funnels in the entire month.

The second plan has all the features and goes for $297. It may seem as costly, but it is worth the price due to its advanced features.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels


· Very to use and navigate the software even without any technical skills.

· Has rich training materials for beginners and offers weekly webinars.

· Allows faster integration with key payment and email providers.

· Quality and customized templates

· Offers excellent flexibility in editing revising your websites.

· It has a 2-tier affiliate program.


· A bit expensive

· At cheaper plans, many features like funnels, pages, and visitors are limited.

Why do I recommend ClickFunnels?

I highly recommend ClickFunnels for everyone wanting to increase sales and conversions.

Here are the few main reasons why I recommend ClickFunnels:

1. Helps You Generate More Sales

The primary purpose of any business is to make sales and generate income. But it’s not always easy to do so.

Using sales funnels for your business marketing can help you turn total strangers into loyal customers.

2. Helps Automate the Sales Process

The sales process is the most critical element in your business, as it’s the process that rewards all your hard work.

Thus, it’s crucial to automate the sales process and ensure it runs smoothly from start to end.

ClickFunnels integrates with various payment platforms, including PayPal, Stripe, and ClickBank.

3. Helps You Generate More Leads

you must continuously look for ways to generate more leads if you run an online business

Using ads on various social media platforms like Facebook is one way of doing this, but you will need people to click on them.

ClickFunnels helps you design beautiful and attractive landing pages that capture many people’s attention and make them click on them.

4. You Can Access the ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Program

ClickFunnels’ Founder, Russel Branson, is well-known for steering useful webinars and programs like the FunnelFlix Program.

Once you become a ClickFunnel paying member, you can access the FunnelFlix Program.

In this program, Russel teaches about essential online marketing strategies and other valuable tips.

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While ClickFunnel may not be the cheapest sales funnels building platform, its services are unmatched and worth it.

Most online entrepreneurs and businesses using this platform give positive feedback and high ratings.

Consider using ClickFunnel to achieve success and take your online business to the next great level through huge sales.

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