How TO USE Email Marketing Automation: A BRIEF Guide

The email marketing channel is one of the most popular marketing systems in modern days. It is designed to make simpler the email marketing process for an all-inclusive digital marketing team. Email marketing automation is a process where an intelligent company or person collects their targeted customer’s email address through their marketing channel. After that, they send them some professional email to achieve a specific goal. How cool sounds that, isn’t it? In this article, I will tell you what no one tells you.

Benefits and importance of automation marketing is here-

Automated emails are incredibly useful and can push significant revenue.

Ones it is set up does not need any involvement

Easy way to communicate with the sales team.

Also relevant for the email receiver

It boosts brand recognition.

It is done with very Cautiously arranged email tactics.

Built good customer relationships with current and past customers. (

It allows the opportunity to speak in virtual-  language directly to the customer through the inbox.

How does email marketing automation work

Email marketing automation is all about generating and action. When a specific program is developing, emails are sent using proper job flow like reminders, follow-up, etc. These automatic emails are timely, tailored, and essential to the reader. As a result, they are opened or clicked more regularly, drive visitors to the site, and grow revenue. (

Mainly two steps are involved in electronic automation marketing. These are the Opt-in forms and email marketing automation software.

The opt-in form only collects the targeted customer’s email address. On the other hand, the company preserves these email addresses through email marketing automation software like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc.


How to collect customers’ email addresses?

When visitors visit a site, they ask or request to fill up a short form to enter their page or site. For example, if you see an e-commerce site, you can find a pop-up screen on the opening or landing page and requests for your email or name or gender like that.

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When you browse online, you notice that some websites offer a free newsletter, e-book, a white paper, and a coupon to sign up. Thus they collect free email addresses.



Email marketing automation is a genuine game-changer for the digital marketing team. It helps the easy way to communicate with the sales team, is relevant for the email receiver, boosts brand recognition, builds good customer relationship with current and past customers, and allow the opportunity to speak in virtual-  language directly to the customer inbox.

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