17 Different Types of Sales Funnels: Latest In the Market

Overall, the experts say that sales funnels are essential when it comes to our online business success. This is because sale funnels are the primary path clients mostly take to be aware of e-commerce to purchase your products. However, with countless sales funnels recently in the market, it would help if you go for narrow exit and comprehensive mouth sales funnels.

Different types of sales funnels got different goals. This means efficient, and suitable funnels can significantly help your business, your products, and various industries. Without further ado, allow me to take you through a comprehensive and quick guide of the most popular and efficient types of sales funnels to use in your eCommerce today.

Lead Magnetic funnel

Do you want to acquire your targeted leads, grow your audience, build up an active email list before launching your business? If yes, then you need this type of funnel.

Lead magnet funnel

The good news about this funnel is that it can convert leads to paying clients right on the back end. Further, this funnel might be in the form of a video or report; however, it’s something tangible which someone is exchanging with their email address.

Webinar Funnel

In this sale funnel, visitors can attend live webinars and sign-up, and it is best when it comes to coaching, selling training, or any other course-related products.

You can pay or use this funnel free, perfect for delivering someone’s

webiner funnel

sales presentation worldwide. Further, webinars are also ideal for selling your high-end services and products.

Free sample funnel

Of course, many people love free samples because they are a good way of testing your product even without purchasing it. This panel type needs audience members to typically offer company rights with detailed personal information in most cases. This funnel nurtures your relationship with customers and many times, and it draws clients to your business.

Product launch funnel

Product launch funnel

This funnel is excellent for generating better anticipation so the clients can purchase once your products become accessible online. Further, it builds good relationships with your audiences, and it is easy to create interest regarding your specific products and services before hitting the market.

Hero funnel

Hero funnel

Use these sales funnels to make audiences know more about you, your business, and how they can easily connect with you. Further, the hero funnel is an excellent way of showcasing someone as the best entrepreneur, building followers. This funnel begins by sharing your bio and getting individuals to join your active email newsletter, followed by asking them to eventually follow you.

Sales letter funnel

These funnels can help you to efficiently sell your services and products.

Sales letter funnel

It utilizes long-form letters to eventually sell someone’s products upfront.

Self-liquidating offer funnel

Self liquidation funnel

This type f sales funnel covers its traffic cost using higher-priced and best front-end products. Meaning someone can technically get top-quality leads even for free. A free report, guide, or video is a good offer in the exchange of email addresses.

Discovery call funnel

If you are looking to convert customers, this is the best funnel to use. With this funnel, someone can typically send audiences right to your discovery active call booking or preferably into the sales pages you use.

An organic content best marketing funnel

organic content based

For the individual who doesn’t like running Facebook ads, opt for these funnels. With this category of sales funnels, someone can run different types of them with modern organic marketing. Remember, social and Google SEO are among the top ways someone can generate traffic on top of these funnels.

Membership funnel

membership funnel

Create an active membership site, sell access rights to it via this funnel. Generally, this type of funnel sells individuals to paid newsletters, membership sites, and more. You will need to use the video sales letter. In most cases, users create their unique password and username, and the content unlocks depending on users’ purchases.

Survey Funnel

Survey funnel

This funnel will help you find your visitors, then send your audiences to the proper funnel. Essentially, these funnels have two specific purposes: to aid visitors fully engaging with you simply because they must make micro-commitments and answer questions.

The second is to figure out the visitors coming to the website and show them various sales messages. For example, I might ask kind of questions such as is you a woman or man? If they say a man, you should direct them to that specific version of funnel set up to sell to them.

Live demo funnel

You can demonstrate your services and products using a live demon funnel. This funnel is a good way of showing off your specific products utilizing it in front of clients.

live demo funnel

Besides, this gives entrepreneurs a chance to demonstrate their products and answer live questions. Further, remind your viewers of the specific and safe places to find your products and also keep additional episodes down there.

Squeeze page funnel

Squeeze funnel

These funnels can help you generate more leads. The goal of a two-page funnel is getting visitors to eventually give you the email addresses they use. In this case, concentrate on curiosity to typically get people to opt–. Further, when you get their attention, start introducing your other branding such as videos, content, etc.

Invisible funnel

This funnel operates via giving out value for making customers love what they receive and see and for the free upfront. It likes moving to a specific restaurant and paying if only you have enjoyed their food.

Russel Brunson funnel

If you are operating in a company with many items to sell, you need this funnel sale. Clients are asked for a personal address in this funnel to eventually send them a free item, and they only pay for shipping.

Russel Brunson funnel

The consumers are directed right into the landing page via referrals, ads, social media, and more. The goal of this funnel is adding more customers as possible.

Consultation sales funnel

In this funnel, your visitors can speak directly regarding your services and products, and it is good to generate more leads. Further, they still have a good chance of converting visitors to customers immediately.

consultation funnel

Besides, this funnel operates well for the products which need conversation even before purchasing.

High-ticket funnel

This funnel makes visitors apply even before purchasing premium products and services for you.

high end ticket funnel

Besides, this funnel allows someone to qualify your clients. It works magic for selling great-end coaching and other related. After the consultation, then you can now simply guide the new clients into a payment state.

Final verdict

With the above guide, you now understand that sales funnels are the best marketing model, including steps that clients must take when making the purchase. Sales funnels are recent popular and beneficial marketing techniques.

However, the most important thing is choosing the right and effective sales funnels for excellent results. And we got you covered by selecting the top useful types of sales funnels above that will meet your needs and expectations in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions in sales funnels

What are the different types of sales funnels?

Generally, the different types of funnels turn your visitor into an active paying client. Further, a funnel that maximizes your sales and conversations and does its job perfectly for your business.

Can someone combine different funnels?

The short answer is yes. Different types or combining multiple sales funnels is like bolting a few engines to rocket ship, where power lies.



Essentially, there are six top stages of the sales funnel. The first four are from the AIDA model of interest, awareness, action, and desire. The other two stages are repeat action and retention.

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