Solid Affiliate Review: Start Your Own Program in 10 Minutes

Are you looking for a logical and effective way to promote your Woocommerce store?

Look no further. Launching the affiliate program may be just what you require to spread everything about your business to the world.

Without wasting much time, allow me to take you through a quick and straightforward Solid Affiliate review to help you understand it before investing in it.

Let’s dive into a Solid Affiliate introduction.

This new yet helpful WordPress plugin allows users to add a referral or affiliate program to the WooCommerce site.

Generally, it is a native, very functional WordPress plugin that aids someone creates and registering affiliates for your different stores.

The program provides the best integration meaning the setup procedure is straightforward.

What can someone do with  Solid Affiliate?  

 Generally, this excellent tool is designed to aid users to effortlessly manage their affiliate payouts and programs by automating and customizing different vital factors such as referral rates, affiliate approvals, referral link generation, commissions, and affiliate payouts, email newsletters, etc.

Below is a top list of what you can effectively do with a Solid Affiliate.

– Product commission rates

– Customize referral rates

– Coupon referrals

– Refund protection

– Access the affiliate dashboard

– Get simple shortcodes

– Automatic payouts

– Paypal integration

– Referral link generator

The procedure of setting up the Solid Affiliate plugin

– Set up the wizard

– Setting general through navigating to the settings for your configuring the functions.

– Affiliate registration and portal

– Integration

– Allow the user to have easy payouts

– customize emails sent to affiliate managers

– Misc

– Recurring referrals

Solid Affiliate features

– Real-time tracking

– Coupon referrals

– Lifetime access

– All future plan updates

– WooCommerce subscriptions

– Woocommerce integration

– Unlimited referrals, affiliates, and visit tracking without any limit

– Refund protection features

– Redundant tracking technology

– Can work with Divi, Elementor, significant builders, and Oxygen

– Over 25 features

Significant Pros of Solid Affiliate

– Paypal payouts integration

– Admin notifications

– Lifetime subscription

– Unlimited everything

– Pro affiliate portal

– Bulk pay of users’ affiliates

– Commission insights

– Auto reject top refunded referrals

Cons of Solid Affiliate

– Someone cannot control market competition

– Someone doesn’t have to control the affiliate marketing packages


Solid Affiliate is straightforward and affordable. You are required to pay $149.00 for your lifetime license usage right on the unlimited sites. (usually $299.00/Year)

Further, someone can get lifetime support and updates.

Moreover, someone will get a 60-day cash-back warranty, making it simple to decide whether you like the tool.

Final Verdict

Solid Affiliate is an excellent tool for launching the WooCommerce affiliate platform. It allows the affiliate marketers to create & administer the full-featured affiliate network.

It’s a platform that can give someone everything you require to begin, administer, and grow your affiliate platform from your specific dashboard.

Thus, the above Solid Affiliate review is worth it for people looking forward to launching the affiliate program for their WooCommerce store.


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